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About us is the leading official blog for the Loveworld music allstars and all gospel artist both local and international, for music download and also provides basic and relevant information about a star to his fans and the music community. The purpose is for accessibility providing you all the relevant information you need to know about your favorite and new musicians in the loveworld music ministry and the global gospel music industry without barriers, either they be in the USA, UK, SA. The pacific or Nigeria.   

i.             The blog also contains and provides information on the Gospel music industry such as radio airplay, chats and statistics, music sales data both physical and digital, tour and live event information, industry and global news and feature articles impacting the music industry at large. Becoming the industry’s first independent tip sheet for Global Gospel entertainment information ranging from new music reviews to radio retail and other outlets to statistical data information for measurement of growth and impact, net worth’s and awards.
In recent years, the global music market has undergone significant change driven primarily by the way people consume and interact with music. reflects this rapid changes in the local and international music scene, offering deeper perspective on  digital consumption and media music marketing, making it relevant to all sectors and an imperative read for those in the music business.
ii.            The blog also provides an interactive portal for chats between musicians and music lovers in the music community providing information about celebrities to their fans to further strengthen the bond through connecting and networking. Also providing user friendly features, breaking news stories, newsletters and music industry related contents. 
iv.      It provides a platform for music promotion for both music stars and upcoming artist from the grass root to the mainstream, with innovative dynamics to ensure relevance and dominance of the music industry.
v.            With the mission to become a global phenomenon and a key player in the industry setting a standard for commercialization of music content, the blog will provides an online store for sale of music, and music related contents/products ranging from music gadgets, clothing lines, ebooks ,tickets to events etc also introducing and implementing an international standard for content sales and control. Giving artist value and protection for their creative intelligence properties.
It is both a destination for professionals seeking a hard hitting industry, business entrepreneurs, investors and avid fans seeking exclusives with their favorite stars. is more than a just a blog but machinery to stimulate the next wave of Dominance by the Gospel music and entertainment industry, influencing the consumption and interaction with music and musicians making it more Globalised, commercialised and Impactful.
Our purpose is to change lives around the world through gospel music by providing  Accessability to Quality Values at the fastest Speed and with Ease.

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