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Best Of Christian Hip Hop – Vote TOP 10 Nigerian Gospel Rappers 2019

I thought it would be a great idea to come up with something like this in 2019. Here goes our list of top 10 Nigerian gospel rappers. This is not a list of rappers who are simply Christians. Its a list of rappers who have built a career by producing Christian themed music.
A lot of artistes have held it down locally over the years. We are all about true hip hop and we can’t ignore this.
Mainstream media mindlessly ignore rappers who represent this category. When they think about Nigerian Christian rappers, they think of guys who hide under a religious facade due to an inability to compete.
But that is as far s it can get from the truth. I must warn you these guys are no pushovers. They can hold their own in terms of skill, lyricism and sound.
This is written in no particular order, you will also find a poll at the end of this post where you can choose your favorite. Go on and check out our

Top 10 Nigerian gospel rappers list.

1. Rymsta Ray

Raymond Ekwu is brilliant Nigerian gospel Rapper. This Abuja based artiste carries a more urban flavor in his music.
Rymsta is not hardcore, so everybody loves his songs. He is able to deliver enjoyable verses on non hip hop beats, he will get you dancing in no time.
His ability to fuse rap into local Naija sounds help him stand out. He dropped Raynassance, his latest album on the 28th of may 2017. He is the CEO of Rich and Rychus entertainment, an indie record label.
His name Rymsta is an acronym for “Resilient Young Mind Setting Trends Always”. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from Bingham University in Nassarawa State.
Download “Rich and Rychus” by Rymsta Ray

2. Gamie

Olumide Akindele Okesanjo is a Nigerian gospel Rapper and an on air personality. Gamie was born and raised in Lagos state, he began his musical journey as an instrumentalist in his local church.
The renowned recording artiste holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the Lagos state university.
Gamie is outspoken about his beliefs. He has strong opinions and will voice them out with any opportunity. He is a creative director who is always looking for better ways to explore art.
Gamie has recorded two albums so far, they include Beyond Words and T.T.S.S (Thinker Tailor Soldier Spy). He is the founder of RRHP (random rap hip hop project)
Download “Good” by Gamie

3. Spokesman

Born Jeremiah Aluwong, Spokesman is a respected Nigerian gospel rapper and public speaker.
The Kaduna based artiste has an extremely large underground fan Base mostly made up youths. He has a keen interest in Christian apologetics.
Spokesman is very vocal with his ideology. His word play ability and confrontational approach to rap endeared him to a lot of neutral observers in the north central who were eventually won over by his controversial hit “mic check”.
Spokesman is a major opinion leader in the Nigerian gospel hip hop community. In about two decades of active music, Spokesman has earned respect and recognition among thousands of people through the heavy impact of his Rap Music.
Download “Mic Check” by Spokesman

4. Limo blaze

Born Samuel Onwubiko Imo Jr. The layedback rapper is an Abia State native. Limo blaze is really good at what he does, he is one of the best Nigerian Christian rappers around right now.
He was born and raised in Makurdi Benue State. With a growing fan base and crystal clear delivery, he is set to achieve many milestones.
Limo has been featured on a couple of international collaborations. Not to talk of his many local accolades. He has so far recorded 1 LP and 2 Eps. Limo blaze is also a nollywood actor.
Its impossible for the top 10 Nigerian gospel rappers list to continue without Limo blaze.
Download “Kachifonu” by Limoblaze

5. LC Beatz

Oluwaseyi Ajala also known as LC Beatz made our top 10 Nigerian gospel rappers list. The rising artiste is a also versatile vocalist and music producer.
Born in Oyo state, the Ibadan native is able to rap fluently in his native Yoruba tongue. It makes him one of the most impressive indigenous rappers in Nigeria.
LC Beatz is a graduate of Civil Engineering from the Osun state University. When asked about his challenges so far, he says;
“Fuel scarcity sometimes, you know, lack of electricity… All of these affect movement and studio session (laughs)”
Download “Halle” by LC Beatz

6. DaBoomsha

Daboomsha or Segun Ayinla Victor is a Nigerian Christian rapper, veteran hip hop head and  entertainment lawyer. Da boomsha, formerly known as Rapsody, was born in Kaduna in the 80’s.
He was influenced by the bubbling music culture of the north in the 90s. However he decided to become a Christian in the year 2000. Afterwards he joined up with YWAP’s soul flame and continued to practice hip hop.
He is an opinion leader and an inspiration to many young rappers. Daboomsha is widely regarded as a legend of Nigerian Christian rap. He is the president Boomsha Kreatives, a talent management outfit.
His local musical influences include Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Ayinla Omo Wura, Ayinde Barrister. He chose to best express himself through the hip hop medium.
He was greatly influenced by acts like KRS One, you can clearly hear it from his direct intellectual approach to rap. Daboomsha is one of our top 10 Nigerian gospel rappers.
Daboomsha’s classic project is the 2011 Rebel Muzik E.P titled “Mavrixx”. He is also a video jockey and TV show host, most notable for Gbedu on AIT.
Download “SMH” by DaBoomsha

7. Gr8man Takiti

Born Ademola Ezekiel Kayode Takiti on the 11th of March in 1992. He is the first of 3 children. He has always been a lover of music and performing art since the age of 7.
Gr8man is a complete artiste with raw talent. In 2015, he emerged as one of the winners of the unstoppable rap competition organized by veteran artiste Bouqui.
The 25 year old musician can rap and sing. He is never shy to profess his faith in Jesus. One of his most striking qualities is humility and his inexhaustible sense of humor, that is if we ignore his black dye skin color.
He joined up with Soul brother entertainment led by Donsam in 2013. Before then he was a regular with YWAP’s soul flame. He is currently a member of the gratitude; a music group under the Common Wealth of Zion Assembly (COZA). He makes our list of 10 ten Nigerian gospel rappers list.
Download “Farawemi” by Gr8man

8. Temple

His name is Elijah Anagor. He is an Abuja based Christian rap artiste. The Anambra state native is from a family of six. Temple grew up with a single mum after losing his father at a very tender age.
He started his musical journey aged 7 and was regularly involved in special numbers at church programs. Temple has been on major collaborations with the likes of M.I and Samsong. He’s also a regular guest artists at Abuja events.
He says
“I aspire to take Nigerian gospel hip hop music to an international level. And use it as tool to change the world and to bless lives. While giving younger people the opportunity to do the same”
His style of gospel music cuts across boundaries, religions, tribes, races and beliefs. Temple is a blessing, he can turn up too.
Download “Fire in my bones” by Temple

9. Nolly

His name is Nonso Onwuli. His stage name Nolly is an acronym for “Nonso Onwuli Loves Like Yahweh”. He hails from Onistha in Anambra state.
Nolly is a graduate of Pure and Industrial Chemistry from the University Of Nigeria Nsukka.
He is also a member of the contemporary hip hop group call CIA (Christ I Abide), which doubles as an independent record label.
The impressive Nigerian Christian rapper is very unique. He can rap in his native Igbo tongue, something only a few people can pull off. He is one of our top 10 Nigerian gospel rappers.
Nolly began his musical journey aged 14,  he started by writing mick raps and freestyles. But he would decide to take it up as a career two years later at the age of 16.
While on campus at the university of Nigeria Nsukka, he was highly influenced by the Believers LoveWorld (BLW) environment.  It was then he decided to become a Christian artists.
Nolly Released his first official single “Jesus n’asu Igbo” in 2013. On Nov 9, 2014 he released my first project “Son Of The Most High” EP.
When asked about the role of gospel rappers in Nigeria. He says;
“Gospel music is not for the church only, its for everybody, Jesus is for everybody! The gospel artiste should look at making music that reaches out to the unsaved”
Download “Jesus n’asu Igbo” by Nolly
10. Provabs
Aina Olasubomi Anthony also known as Provabs remains one of the biggest Nigerian gospel rappers.
He has been able to penetrate the mainstream music industry but maintains his voice and belief in Christian Hip Hop.
Provabs is a serious believer of gospel music, he has been able to keep his image and artistry free from influence of fame and expectations.
He is an award winning rapper hit maker who has worked worked with a wide range of A list artistes from other genres including Onyeka Onwenu, Infinity, Jedi, M.I, Samklef, Dekunle Fuji, Vector and TIV.
If you ask anyone on the street to name a Nigerian gospel rapper, the chances are his name will come up in the first 5. He released Identity; his latest album in March this year.
Download “Bless me dey go ” by Provabs
So that’s all for out top 10 Nigerian gospel rappers list. Did we leave anyone out? who did we miss? Let us know in the comment section.

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